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    A few quick laptop fixes can change everything

    Day 21

    The “IT” Factor

    In 2018, almost everything is accessible through a phone or computer. The world is at our fingertips. But if you don’t have the right tools, the opposite is true. Refugees who have fled to Greece often lack that digital access, which cuts them off from opportunities and information.

    Communitere, our partner in Greece, has lots of used computers – they’re just missing a few parts here and there that could get them up and running again. This sounded pretty doable to us.

    So today, we’re helping fix four laptops that will help get refugees plugged in again.

    The first was a laptop screen repair for young Syrian refugee seeking reunification with his family in Germany. “I am still speechless…I really don’t know how to express how thankful I am,” he said. “Thank you so much for fixing it – it’s actually better than before.”

    Next we repaired laptops for teachers in the nearby Nea Kavala refugee camp. “We’re all testing out the laptops and tablets tonight and they are AMAZING!” they said. “Thank you so much! They will be so useful to the guys in Nea Kavala. We’re so grateful!”

    Our third stop was TruckSHOP, a group that runs a free clothing outlet for refugees. “The computer will enable us to continue our work in the shop in a proper and structured way,” said Lisa from the shop. “Thank you!”

    Last but not least, we repaired two of DocMobile’s laptops, who provides free primary healthcare to refugees. “We can see more than 50 patients a day,” they said, “300 patients a week!” The new computer will help them organize patient records and scheduling.

    It’s incredible to see how these simple laptop repairs have such a huge impact! Sometimes one little change, no matter how small, can get things up and running again.

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