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    Thanking the unsung heroes of Nakivale hygiene

    Day 338

    The Pits

    But we’re about to introduce to you a team of incredible gentlemen that will have you feeling like the luckiest employee in the world.

    The Nakivale pit latrine cleaners are the unsung heroes of Nakivale hygiene. Human waste is a huge issue anywhere in the world. It has to be disposed of and it has to disposed of correctly. In a refugee settlement, there are no fancy septic machines, so the work has to be done manually.

    This is not a job anyone grows up dreaming of doing – but one that needs to be done. And this job is so difficult in part because the community does not fully respect the importance of the latrine cleaners. Many people purposely do not associate with them – they’re looked down on for their line of work.

    The pit latrine cleaners take part in a thankless task and are even ostracized for their work to keep Nakivale clean. And for that, we wanted to thank them.

    On Day 338, we displayed our gratitude to the cleaners by providing each of them with rice, beans, flour, soap, and sugar. These gifts will help them feed their families and let them know their work is appreciated – and so important.

    “The work they do is a difficult job,” said Richard, the Field Program Coordinator in charge of Nakivale. “It’s stigmatizing in the community. But they’re doing it. If we didn’t have these people who were willing to do this job, we would have a big problem.”

    And the cleanees were so thrilled to receive the small but meaningful gifts. “This is the first time they’ve received anything like this,” Richard continued. “ARC is the first to say thank you for making this place a healthy one for all.”

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