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    Following six Alight teammates as we do the doable

    Day 175

    Trip Around the World

    Welcome to the Trip Around the World!!

    I’m your host, Joseph Kyobe. And I’m with my fellow travelers from Alight: Asia from Somalia, Betty from Rwanda, Osman from Sudan, and Jon and Stephanie from Minnesota. Me, I’m from Uganda.

    This trip is all about coming together to learn about Alight’s country programs literally around the world, and building relationships with our teammates everywhere. It’s all about being borderless – we are one WORLDWIDE team, working together to be the very best for the people we serve.

    First stop – doing the doable together in Somalia!

    Here we are in Hargeisa, Somalia, with our Alight teammates. We sat down to chat with our colleagues about what we might do together during our visit. One of the things they were most passionate about? Supporting the local mental health residency facility.

    The facility was running low on a few things – things like soap, sanitary pads, and new clothes for their residents.

    The Alight team in Hargeisa was moved to act – they told us the clinic doesn’t get much if any support. The patients there don’t have families to provide the basics, so all their needs have to be covered by the facility.

    So we acted quickly, and together with the Hargeisa team, we gave soap, sanitary pads, new clothes and more – things to help keep things clean and safe.

    “This will make a huge impact on their lives,” said Mariam from the clinic. “I’ve been telling everyone that visitors are coming, and they were so excited to meet you! It really sends them a message that people from all over the world care about you, and to have hope!”


    Meet Joseph!

    Hello hello! My name is Joseph Kyobe and I am the Regional Growth Lead at Kuja Kuja. I love getting the chance to work in the field and see first hand the amazing work Alight is doing around the world. Come follow me as I take you through the Changemakers 365 projects we did on this life-changing trip!




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    Changemakers 365

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    The world’s tough problems can seem insurmountable. So at Alight, while we tackle those big problems we also do what’s doable. Right then. And that’s what Changemakers 365 is all about. Learn more!


    Changemakers 365 members give either $30 per month or a one-time gift of $365 (it’s free for anyone who has ever lived in a refugee camp). Join us!

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