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    Thanking one of our most dedicated teammates

    Day 340

    View from the Top

    ARC is responsible for making sure every single refugee in Nakivale has water. And for a responsibility of this size, we look to some amazing people to get the job done.

    Introducing Akilimali.

    Akilimali has been working as the Lead Water Operator of Nakivale for an incredible 20 years. He is passionate about his job. He makes sure the water reservoir – which sits at the highest point in Nakivale – is safe, each and every day.

    The views of Nakivale from that highest point are pretty lovely. But, it’s probably one of the most isolated spots in the settlement. Yet Akilimali lives alone at the reservoir, making sure that nothing happens to the water.

    So for Day 340, we wanted to make his day a little less isolated.

    Since water points need to be fixed and the flow of water changed throughout the day, communication is so important for Akilimali and his team. But it’s also a challenge. “We don’t have great ways to get in touch with each other,” he told us.

    So we decided to thank Akilimali for his inspiring dedication to the job. We got him $500 worth of airtime minutes for his cell phone – which will go a LONG way toward supporting communication with his team! – and a headlamp from Watts of Love.

    Now, he will be able to chat with his coworkers on the other side of the settlement without worry, and repair things at night with ease. Thank you, Akilimali!

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