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    Helping Girls for Africa keep refugee families warm

    Day 6

    Warm for Winter

    Yesterday’s toy drive was a great success. So the crew from Girls for Africa decided to find yet another way of supporting the South Sudanese community in Omaha.

    Many South Sudanese parents work long hours seven days a week, supporting large families, and without much disposable income. The girls wanted to gift them with something small and unexpected, yet important, during the winter season. So for Day 6, we helped them kickstart drive number two – for winter clothing!

    The winter season is well upon us, and many families had a big need for things to stay warm. So the girls purchased jackets, boots, socks, hats, gloves and scarves for their winter clothing drive. We transported everything to the Refugee Empowerment Center and organized them on tables for community members to see.

    “Winter clothing is not something that our parents would prioritize or buy for themselves. They just simply wouldn’t,” said Elizabeth, one of the Girls for Afria leaders. “So this is our way of giving back to them. For their hand work, for their endless love, for everything.”

    Families arrived in waves and spent some time shopping at each table, first for a warm jacket, then boots, and then accessories. The girls helped the younger kids try on different sized boots to see what fit. Parents and kids picked out entire outfits that worked for them.

    With just a little extra boost, South Sudanese families in Omaha will stay just a bit more comfortable over the long winter – something that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do. Seeing the families leave the clothing drive one by one wearing more layers than they came in with warmed our hearts – and will hopefully keep them warm, too!

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