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    Showing our gratitude to top-performing students

    Day 336

    Watts of Love

    This month, every single Changemakers 365 idea is about giving thanks, doing the doable for the people who deserve it most. From our partners, to vendors, to the incredible people in the communities we serve, they’re the ones out of the spotlight, but in the center of what we do.

    For Day 336, we’re giving a special thanks to some of our youngest Changemakers in Nakivale Refugee Settlement – the highest achieving kids in school. These students face a lot of challenges even getting to the classroom everyday, much less excelling at their studies. They’re role models for their peers.

    We had a perfect solution to show our gratitude to these students – solar-powered Watts of Love headlamps, made possible by our amazing friends at the Shine On Project.

    We met with Edwin, the headmaster at Nyarugugu Primary School, and talked to him about the benefits of having the headlamps.

    “These kids, they work so hard both day and night,”
    he said, “but it gets very dark here in Nakivale. Sometimes they have no way to continue their studies when the sun goes down. These lamps will encourage them to continue.”

    The Watts of Love headlamps can be charged by day, and used at night – with only the power of the sun required. It’s a perfect solution for kids who have little resources and unreliable – or nonexistent – power systems.

    “We want to say a big thank you to some of our hardest working students,” said Edwin as the students of the Level 6 classroom at Nyarugugu Primary gathered. “This will also encourage all of you to keep up with your studies, too!”

    He called the top performing students up one by one, and presented them with their gift. They tried them on gingerly at first, and then with increasing excitement as they realized what they were. It was all smiles from there.

    Desire, one of the kids who received our gesture of thanks, had something to say. “Thank you to our visitors for what they have done,” he said. “It is very wonderful. We all must work hard and do well in school!”

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