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    Returning to the world's newest refugee camp

    DAY 63

    Welcome Back to Bidi Bidi

    We’re back in Bidi Bidi, Uganda – site of the world’s fastest growing refugee camp. Thousands of South Sudanese refugees are coming every day, fleeing violent conflict and famine in their country.

    For weeks, Jamal – one of ARC’s volunteers – has been eyeing an empty field in Ariwa, the area of the settlement where he works. He wanted to do something there, something different. His idea? Build a volleyball court

    It took an afternoon to dig holes for the two poles and to tie up the volleyball net. Jamal’s group of guys even painted the poles a vibrant pink and blue. Within minutes the field was full with two eager teams and spectators along the court lines.

    “I wanted to keep the youth busy, give them a way to play,” Jamal said. At 21 years-old, Jamal has a good sense for what might help young people to relax a little after all they’ve gone through. And the volleyball court was the perfect way to interact with other young men in Ariwa.

    “It doesn’t take so much to make change,” said Festo, our Community Services Leader and coordinator for the volunteers. “You see how these boys are happy.”

    Jamal had an idea to improve the lives of young refugees in Bidi Bidi. And he did it with very few resources – in one of the most desolate places in the world. He knows the outsized impact this type of change can have on his community. And equipped with a little ingenuity and determination, he’s not letting anything stand in his way.

    Realizing the incredible wealth of ideas coming from our wonderful group of volunteers, tomorrow we’re going straight to them for even more. Stay tuned as we gather these volunteers to hear more about the kind of change they’d like to make for refugees in Bidi Bidi.

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