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    Boosting Boda Boda businesses in Nakivale

    Day 327

    Working at the Car Wash

    Boda Bodas are big business in Nakivale Refugee Settlement. They’re motorcycle taxis, used to take people back and forth throughout the sweeping camp. Boda Boda drivers take a lot of pride in their motorcycles, keeping them clean and in mint condition. But the resources to do so are limited.

    That’s why a few of them have banded together, forming a Boda Boda group that shares things like soap and cleaning supplies. Right now, they usually gather by one of the streams to clean their motorcycles, but the steam water is muddy. And they don’t have boots or other protective gear to keep them clean.

    Our team saw the efforts of these budding entrepreneurs and knew that with the right boost, they could really build their business.

    Keeping their bikes clean is number one priority for these guys, so we wanted to set up a proper car washing station for them, with all the bells and whistles.

    Boots to protect their feet from dirty water, mechanic uniforms, cleaning supplies, and most importantly, a water tank so that water is always plentiful.

    One man who owns a gas station in Nakivale offered to host the car wash at the station, helping to attract customers and make the whole operation look more professional. “I’m a refugee myself,” he said, “I want to help fellow refugees.”

    The group has plans to buy signage and other marketing materials as they build their business. They’re so excited about this next big step!

    Sometimes, it’s that little something that lifts you up and encourages you to keep going. Now with their Boda Bodas a little cleaner, these guys can focus their efforts on getting more customers, and steadying their way.

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