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    Saying thank you to an aspiring historian, writer, and friend

    Day 355

    Write Away

    Have you ever had that one friend who can seemingly do it all? For us, that’s Gracien.

    He’s the Director of Social Development for the King of Kabare, the traditional ruler in the region in Eastern Congo where Asili has taken root. But he’s also a historian, a writer, an expert on gorillas and other wildlife, and a very good friend of Asili’s.

    Gracien spends his free time – not that he has much of it! – on writing. “I love history, and I love Congo’s culture. I want to record some of these oral stories and traditions so that future generations will know them, too.” He’s already had a few publications, which students read in school.

    Gracien has been a steadfast supporter of Asili from the very beginning. We wanted to thank him for having our backs, for believing in us even when there wasn’t much in the beginning to believe in. So for Day 355, we thanked him with a gift that will help his work as a writer go a little smoother – a brand new laptop.

    “Wow!” said Gracien as we presented him with his gift. He took it out of the packaging right away and began testing it out.

    “This is huge,” he said. “I have so many ideas. I can’t wait to get started.”

    Gracien is so important to the communities he cares so deeply about, and to Asili. He’s one of those people who you don’t know what you would do without. Our gift may be a simple gesture, but it says a lot.

    “I feel humbled by this,” said Gracien. “This means so much to me.”

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