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    Getting creative with kids in Pakistan

    Day 118

    You’re a Star!

    In Pakistan, we’re a team on a mission…To get one million out of school kids back in the classroom, and on with their education.

    This is a lofty goal. But we also know that even the biggest goals are reached one step at a time.

    Getting – and keeping – kids in the classrooms is about more than just the kids. It’s also about families, teachers, and their classrooms, too. Teachers need the right resources and materials to get their kids the education they need to thrive, and to keep them coming back.

    One of the teachers we work with has so many students who love to draw. But they only have access to paper and pencils. She yearns for her students to be able to expand their creative expression through more colorful, art-sy ways.

    We had just the thing. We led an art class where kids could decorate their own star-shaped poster, outlining their hands in the star, adding their names, and adding flourishes with markers. Stickers, stencils, and art supplies abounded.

    Then, each student got a photo of themselves, that they framed and made beautiful and were able to take home! And all of their decorated star posters were displayed on the classroom wall, reminding the kids of their creativity every day.

    The teacher kept all the supplies, of course, to be used again when the kids are feeling creative again! Which we’re sure will be very soon.

    This activity was meant to spark joy, to bring out the creativity inside each child, and to simply make school fun. It’s something simple, but a memory and memento that the children can remember fondly. And that memory might just fuel their love of learning – and keep them moving on.

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