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    Showing our gratitude to Juliet

    Day 344

    You’ve Got a Friend

    When we asked our teams in Nakivale Refugee Settlement who they’d like to thank this month, one person really stood out – Juliet.

    Juliet works for UNHCR, the UN’s Refugee Agency. They coordinate all the service providers at Nakivale. They play an important role as an agency, but what makes them really stand out are the incredible individuals who have become our colleagues and friends. One of those friends in Juliet.

    “Juliet is one of those special people who have been so supportive of ARC the whole time we’ve been here,” said Sonia, one of ARC’s protection officers in Nakivale. “She’s taken time to mentor each and every one of us. We can’t work alone. She helps us understand that we all need each other.”

    We wanted to give a big thank you to Juliet for being the great mentor that she’s been to so many. So we surprised her with a gift that shows how much we appreciate her friendship and support.

    Juliet spends a lot of time on the phone – she’s constantly coordinating and reaching out to her colleagues across the entire settlement. So the perfect way to thank her? A new phone!

    When we presented Juliet with the gift, she was taken completely by surprise. “I don’t deserve it!” she said. “This makes me realize that you think I’m doing a good job!”

    We all deserve a little appreciation every once in a while. But in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can sometimes be all too easy to forget to simply say thank you – to let people know how amazing they are.

    Juliet is great at her job because she has a passion for serving others – she doesn’t do it to be thanked. But she definitely deserves to be. It’s people like her that make our work with refugees that much better, that much more powerful.

    Thank you, Juliet, for always being there for us, for everything you do!

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