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    Getting behind Congolese entrepreneurs that are paving their way forward

    Day 23

    A PERFECT Idea…

    Meet the team at PERFECT, another success story coming out of Un Jour Nouveau.  

    After completing their start-up and entrepreneur training program (supported by our partners, ECI!) co-founders Marie and Elie took their idea to transform trash and old tires into beautiful, functional furniture, and made it into a booming business.

    Now they produce chairs, tables, art, playgrounds and more for customers in Goma, Kigali, Lumambashi, and beyond —they’ve even had orders from the first lady of Congo for her office in Kinshasa!

    They’re a testament of what can happen when talent is mixed with training, support, and real opportunity. “Our idea is to preserve our environment and fight against pollution and waste,” said Elie. “And we want to help create jobs for youth who want to do the same.” 

    The team at PERFECT has had tremendous success. But this year, they’re dreaming even bigger.

    “Our dream is to open up a showroom downtown,” said Marie. “So we can attract more clients and showcase our work.” But in order to move out of their bare bones workshop and into a bigger (and more expensive) space, they need a boost in business. 

    And that’s where 365 came in! 

    We helped to get them more furniture-making tools and supplies, including a new drill, gloves, vests, and more, so that in the coming months they can snowball those extra materials into increased revenue — and hopefully — a new space. 

    “These guys are fighters,” said Esther, from Un Jour Nouveau. “They’re not going to give up.” 

    P.S.: Check out this heap of old tires and furniture…look like trash? That’s because it is! But instead of seeing garbage, the team at PERFECT sees potential. Pretty amazing that they’ve turned this pile into profit! 

    Photos by Lens on Life photographers, Operation Goma (DRC): Kennedy Ngoa and Michel Basizi 

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