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    The Power of Storytelling

    DAY 41

    A Rising Star

    Mama Salome is Asili’s brand ambassador. She goes out into the communities where we work, each and every day, and she answers people’s questions about Asili. She talks to them about our world-class quality healthcare, clean water, and agricultural cooperatives. And perhaps most importantly, she listens. She hears so many stories, lending her empathetic ear and warm heart.

    Throughout Mama Salome’s day she may meet dozens of people – mothers, fathers, and kids. Along with her partner in this work, Mama Josée, she’s both the voice of Asili and the voice of the community. She lets the rest of the Asili team know what its customers are thinking and feeling.

    One day Mama Salome expressed interest in capturing these lives, these people. “I want to tell their stories,” she said. So the team decided to give her the right tools to do just that – they decided to get her a camera.


    Right away, Mama Salome got to work. She’s already capturing powerful stories of individuals and families who are benefiting from Asili’s businesses.


    Mama Salome shared the story of Bahati, a father of six, who was sick for seven years. He had tried many options for treatment, but nothing seemed to stick. This past January he decided to try Asili’s newest clinic in Mudaka. The team at the clinic were able to get him on medication that worked, finally – and after three days, he started to feel better. “His wife and kids are so grateful for that,” said Mama Salome.


    Now, when Mama Salome and Mama Josée talk with kids about the importance of drinking clean water, they can record the huge impact they’re making on the community.


    With the easy gift of a camera, Mama’s Salome’s eyes are opened to the power of storytelling. She’s developing her skills as a talented communicator, and keeping the entire team connected to our customers. It’s just a small investment in a rising star – but what a difference that investment can make.

    Tomorrow, we say thank you to the communities who have made Asili possible – and have a little fun in the process.

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