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    One simple solution, an abundance of new possibilities

    Day 178

    Getting Connected

    Phew, on to Rwanda! Our Trip Around the World team of six has traveled from Somalia to Jordan, and now we’ve landed safely in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital. We’re spending time with the Alight crew here, brainstorming ways to do the doable together.

    One group of teammates that always seems to get overlooked here is our warehouse staff, they told us. They love when they get a visit.

    The warehouse staff is based in Kigali, but they’re about 20 minutes away from the head office. They’re in charge of handling, receiving, organizing, and transporting all of our materials for all of our programs throughout the country. It’s a big job. So they could use a little love.

    When we arrived at the warehouse, everyone was so excited to see us! We sat down with them and talked about what they might need – what might make their job a little easier?

    Their answer surprised us. Internally at Alight, we use a WhatsApp to communicate worldwide -we even have a couple of feeds that connect almost all of our teammates around the world. The warehouse staff really wanted to be a part of it. The problem was, they didn’t have smartphones.

    What we discovered was a communication gap – we had been accidentally leaving this entire team out of the global conversation. But there was an easy solution…

    Smart phones for all!

    What an unleashed abundance of connection and communication! Now, they can more easily communicate with any of our teammates, anywhere. And we could tell that they so appreciated this visit from us too.

    “We are so far from the office, so when you come and chat with us, we feel like we’re really changemakers,”said Emmanuel from the team. “This is how we feel we are together.”


    Meet Joseph!

    Hello hello! My name is Joseph Kyobe and I am the Regional Growth Lead at Kuja Kuja. I love getting the chance to work in the field and see first hand the amazing work Alight is doing around the world. Come follow me as I take you through the Changemakers 365 projects we did on this life-changing trip!




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    Changemakers 365

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