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    “This is going to help us treat more serious patients than we ever had before.”

    Day 3

    The Way Forward

    Setting up a new service like Asili’s overnight stay means ensuring that every single patient—no matter who they are or where they’re from— has access to the highest possible standards of care.

    It’s a bit of a big undertaking. And before Changemakers 365 stepped in to help, the team was feeling a little stuck, like there were so many barriers. Because, they said, they needed to ensure that every single service Asili offers lives up to what’s now such a trusted brand in the Eastern Congo community.

    “One of the things we needed to buy was different types of medications,” said Dr. Johnny. “Most people who need an overnight stay also need fluids, and when a patient gets that treatment you need to observe them for four to five hours to see how they’re reacting. These aren’t the types of meds we usually give patients for just a regular consultation.”

    Today, we’re helping to remove another barrier—all the medications they need to make this not just a reality, but an Asili-approved service.

    “This is going to help us treat more serious patients than we ever had before,” said Dr. Johnny. “If we can help them, we can keep them here. The nurses are well-trained. They’ll be able to detect the level of care needed and offer this to them.”

    We helped stock the pharmacy with a boost in all the medications they’ll need. And once patients start using the service, the team will be able to sustain the purchase of medications with this new business line, incorporating it into Asili’s sustainable model.

    “What this has done is helped us go beyond ‘wanting’ to try this and ‘doing,’ and doing in the right way,” said Dr. Johnny. “We’re going straight to implementation. We’re so grateful that 365 has helped us make this happen!

    Photos by Lens on Life photographers: Operation Goma (DRC)

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